Episode 22 : Batman (1989)

No matter what incarnation you prefer, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Batman, the masked crime fighter of Gotham City. In this episode, we take it back to 1989 for Tim Burton’s beautifully-crafted world of Batman.

▶️ (09:00) With a standard good vs. evil plot, Batman is an incredibly dark action/adventure film with a healthy dose of sadistic humor to back it. A masked millionaire looks to strike fear into the hearts of criminals in his downtrodden city. First, we go into how this version of Batman stacks up against the original comic, ‘60s TV series and subsequent films.

▶️ (17:50) Special guest and comic book savant, Wade Durbin, weighs in on Burton’s Batman being brought to the big screen, and the feelings churned up within true comic book fans.

▶️ (21:50) How did Burton’s Batman set the tone for the massive superhero genre of today? How does this movie work without a super deep plot? We’ll also go behind the scenes of film, discussing Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Batman, Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Kim Basinger’s involvement and how this film wasn’t easily greenlit.

▶️ (39:50) Picks of the Week: Lindsay continues with Jack Nicholson by way of Mike Nichols’ horror-lite, romantic werewolf thriller, aptly titled, Wolf (1994). Justin ropes us back into the comics universe with the live-action, unforgettable fan-favorite superhero movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)!

▶️ (54:06) MurrayMoment: We all know Billy is a massive Chicago Cubs fan, but ever hear about the summer he joined the Grays Harbor Loggers minor league baseball team?

Whether it was your love of superhero comics, Prince’s music, action-packed adventure movies or being suckered into brilliant mass marketing, Batman got almost everyone engaged in 1989. Episode 22 reminds you why it’s one of the best action films not to be forgotten!

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