Episode 39 : Candyman

CANDYMAN (1992) is not your standard slasher film. While it evokes terror and a haunting feeling, it is also loaded with social commentary that goes beyond normal horror movies tropes. The admiration for film goes hand-in-hand with the emotionally-charged, enlightened story, and leaves us never forgetting the undying legend of CANDYMAN. We’ll be goin’ all Clive Barker for this episode!

▶️Synopsis: While researching urban legends for her graduate thesis, Helen (Virginia Madsen) becomes captivated by a story about a boogeyman named Candyman (Tony Todd). Dispelling rumors of his actual existence to terrified locals, Candyman surfaces to frame Helen for murders and slowly swallows her into his everlasting myth.

⏩⏩Discussions include: A brief history on Chicago’s Cabrini-Green, the setting for CANDYMAN and why the original Clive Barker story was adapted; the real-life intensity shooting on location, combined with atypical special effects and acting techniques used to develop on-screen realness; why it was necessary to have the most profound connection between actors; cultural fears, prejudice and how CANDYMAN relates to reality. **Starring Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Kasi Lemmons, Xander Berkeley. Directed by Bernard Rose.**


—Justin’s Pick: LORD OF ILLUSIONS (1995): When a fanatic magical cult reincarnates their ruthless leader, a private investigator is sought out to protect a famous magician and his wife from certain evils headed their way. **Starring Scott Bakula, Famke Janssen, Kevin J. O’Connor, Daniel von Bargen. Directed by Clive Barker.**

—Lindsay’s Pick: NIGHTBREED (1990): A troubled man seeks out Midian, a mythical world haunting his dreams, and inhabited by demon social outcasts known as the Nightbreed. Simultaneously, his serial killing psychiatrist seeks to set him up for murders and destroy all the Nightbreed. **Starring Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Anne Bobby. Directed by Clive Barker.**

▶️MURRAYMOMENT: After reaching a low moment in life, Billy is pulled from the brink upon seeing an inspirational painting.

▶️FINAL THOUGHTS:  Philip Glass’ uniquely atmospheric score and the immense appreciation for CANDYMAN’S final scenes. And please check out HORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR, which includes a section on CANDYMAN — Available now on Shudder!

▶️NEXT UP: THE BLOB (1988)!

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